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About REfficient

REfficient is a marketplace allowing companies and individuals to buy quality commercial and industrial products and materials at significant discounts.

Our customers get new access to sources of industry gear: manufacturers' surplus, other companies' excess inventory and materials, and new products with environmental features.

We help our customers save money, time and the environment by being efficient and effective with resources – hence our name, "REfficient".

REfficient Works

Our online marketplace and direct sales team make it easy for large telecom, cable and audiovisual companies to clear out new and used surplus equipment and for others to get access to hundreds of new products and materials.

Sustainability Embedded

REfficient is a leading expert in the area of asset recovery and reverse logistics, focusing on nationwide surplus technology management and sustainability reporting. Our aim is to maximize financial results while minimizing environmental impacts.

Sustainability means meeting the needs of today without compromising those of the future. Our innovative new green model benefits everyone by reducing waste and increasing resource efficiency, lessening the $20B of goods that go to landfill each year, of which 25-60% could be reused.

Customers can also receive sustainability statistics – such as waste diversion rates and the carbon footprint metrics – while ensuring non-reusable product is responsibly recycled.

As a company, REfficient also aims to be as socially driven as possible through our own environmental programs, supporting the local economies of the communities we do business in and employing a diverse workforce. Initiatives range from innovative green marketing tactics, promoting reuse of packaging supplies, encouraging telework for our staff, and purchasing carbon offsets. REfficient has reported its sustainability performance through the Sustainable Hamilton Burlington reporting initiative since the inaugural year of 2012.

To view our awards and recognitions, see our Key Facts page.

The REfficient Story

REfficient Inc. was founded by CEO Stephanie McLarty based on her experience working with large North American telecom companies that often struggled with managing surplus inventory across their extensive networks. A lot of perfectly good product going to waste, even though smaller companies were searching for the same equipment to replace or expand their service offerings. Businesses simply lacked the knowledge of what to do with their surplus and the resources to manage it well. She knew there was a better way.

REfficient CEO Stephanie McLarty

Stephanie first co-founded a consultancy providing large telecom, cable and AV companies with options for surplus equipment — reuse, resell, donate or recycle. In developing the model, she identified a ready market for equipment targeted for recycling or landfill.

As a natural next step in 2010 she created REfficient — a marketplace bringing together telecom, cable and AV service providers in North America and globally with smaller buyers searching for reliable equipment and materials.

REfficient's focus on helping companies be more efficient with their resources resulted in a range of benefits including cash flow, cost savings, as well as environmental results that many of REfficient's larger customers incorporate into their Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability programs.

Driven by Stephanie's vision and commitment, REfficient's goal is to divert one billion pounds of product from global landfills.

Stephanie remains a leading expert in the area of asset recovery, reverse logistics, and sustainability reporting for businesses. She has been the Canadian Technical Expert for reuse and recycling to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) since 2008 and was appointed in 2014 to the Canadian National Committee for the IEC. She is a frequent media commentator.

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