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Blogs >> Why We’re Now Reporting Carbon Dioxide Equivalency (CO2e) for Carbon Footprint

July 26, 2017

Why We’re Now Reporting Carbon Dioxide Equivalency (CO2e) for Carbon Footprint


Since REfficient began our sustainability reporting, both internally and to customers, we have calculated the estimated carbon footprint, or specifically carbon dioxide (CO2), of our shipments. We are now shifting our reporting to measure Carbon Dioxide Equivalency (CO2e). Why the change? And why now?

While carbon dioxide may be the most well known of the greenhouse gases to cause global warming, other gases such as methane nitrous oxide and hydrofluorocarbon gases are also significant contributors. However, one unit of a particular greenhouse gas may not be the same as another.

CO2e takes all of these potential gases into account and measures the amount of carbon dioxide that would have the same global warming potential. This is measured over a specific timeframe, usually over a period of 100 years.

In other words, CO2e translates the impact of all greenhouse gas emissions and breaks it down to one common denominator that can be compared: the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide.

REfficient is shifting to reporting CO2e as the unit has become a global standard in how we communicate emissions and our contribution to global warming potential. REfficient participates in annual sustainability reporting based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework and reports our results as a reporting member of Sustainable Hamilton Burlington (SHB). Not only has SHB used the GRI framework since the beginning, the organization has adopted new technology tools to help us quantify our impact, which now includes measuring all emissions with CO2e.

REfficient is updating our reporting to be consistent throughout our organization based on the latest global standards. We encourage our clients to do the same.

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