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REfficient by Honours & Numbers

We are...


The largest Canadian owned and operated reuse/resale firm for the cable/telecom industry

Our customers are located in...

10 Canadian Provinces
3 Canadian Territories
14 Countries
4 Continents


100% major Canadian cable/telecom service providers as clients
85% repeat purchase rate of service providers
20-70% savings reaped off of new channels

65,000+ products reused annually since 2014
20+ tonnes of carbon offset
1 overriding goal of REbillion – to divert one billion pounds from landfill

Awards & Honours

Specific REsults customers have seen

Regaining $4500 on Redundant Assets
A mid-sized company had purchased equipment that did not suit their needs well. Selling the assets to another business allowed them to generate approximately $4500 in return, far higher than they expected and would have received if they recycled them. The return was equivalent to $59/lb.

Saving over $30,000 on a Very Limited Budget
A small telecom company with an extremely limited budget needed infrastructure equipment for their network. By purchasing “RE”, they saved over $30,000 than buying it new – an expense which would not have been possible. They also saved an additional 20% through REsource, including delivery to the door, saving them time.

Sourcing Never-Used “RE” Equipment & Saving 33%
A cable installer contractor purchased brand new, never used cable that had been surplus to a distributor. The contractor was able to save 33% of the purchase price – something which never goes on sale. The savings went back into his pocket.

Turning Obsolescence into Financial and CSR Value
Equipment which was obsolete for a large company was salvaged for reuse. By recouping the assets, cleaning and reselling them to another company that could use the units, the company received $4000 back and diverted 12.5 metric tonnes from recycling and landfill. They are using such numbers in their Global Reporting Initiative reporting to demonstrate their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

What Our Customers Have to Say About Us

My dealings with REfficient were excellent. You vaulted yourselves to the top of my “go-to” list when there is something I need to source or sell. It makes my life a lot easier!
~ Westman Communications
I have nothing but good things to say about REfficient. I received great quality products from them at great prices. They have an excellent customer service throughout the purchasing process. I'm a repeat customer and I definitely plan on returning to them for any future purchases for my company.
~ World Telecom
I wanted to let you know that everything arrived here and tested out good from our deal. I am very pleased with this transaction. I look forward to doing future business through REfficient.
~ Bizi International
REfficient has been a great resource for Total Cable. We have been able to save time and money by sourcing equipment through their REsource service. It works!
~ Total Cable

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