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Sony Corp—DXC-D30

The Sony DXC-D30 digital video camera is designed as the top-end model for professionals. Incorporating Sony's latest DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology based on the TruEye process, the DXC-D30 realizes the faithful color reproduction never experienced with conventional analog and digital cameras. On top of that, drastic smear reduction and high sensitivity achieved by the newly developed Power HAD CCD provide more shooting opportunities, while maintaining the high picture quality

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Condition: Used, working - While the unit is used, there is a high certainty of functionality. For orders with a quantity of 50+, the failure rate must not be more than 5%.
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Unless stated otherwise, or an additional warranty is purchased, warranties are net 5 business days from the day the customer receives the equipment.

  • Any issues must be reported by the buyer within net 5 business days from the day of receipt, or the duration of warranty if a longer period is specified. The Dispute Resolution process will then commence.
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