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Marketplace >> Fixed Price >> Motorola DCX3400M/A380/010/500


DCX3400 All-Digital Set-Top with HDTV, Dual Tuner DVR, 500GB and M Card. The DCX3400 is a High Definition Digital Cable Box Digital video recorder (DVR) (or HD PVR) with dual 1 GHz video tuners and support for both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC HD decode. The all-digital DCX3400 includes the updated audio and video output interfaces, together with HDMI® and Award Winning Dolby® Digital Plus audio. Our optional MoCA® Home Networking component enables the DCX3400-M set-top to serve as a media hub within a connected home environment.
An embedded DOCSIS® 2.0 cable modem provides support for DSG and downstream channel bonding. Features includes: Enhanced Video Tuning: 1 GHz digital-video tuner supports future plant expansion, enabling operators to increase the number of available channels Tru2way®/OpenCable Application Platform (OCAP) Enables next-generation interactive services and applications with an industry-standard, open platform for application developers Advanced Video Decoding High definition MPEG-4 AVC optimizes bandwidth in content delivery without loss of content quality Advanced Audio Decoding Dolby Digital Plus increases the number of separate sound channels from 5.1 to 7.1 with improved quality and flexibility Whole Home Networking MoCA 1.1 (optional) enables high-speed (up to 175 Mbps) delivery of rich media content throughout the home using existing coax wiring New Version High-Definition Multimedia Interface Next-generation HDMI upgradable through future software release to enable future improvements such as: more depth and range of color for high definition TV, master-quality lossless audio formats and automatic audio synching.

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