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Shipping and customs made easy.

All orders are shipped via REfficient's Shimple — Ship Simple — service.

Shimple is cost-effective, convenient and carbon offset:

Shipping made Simple

Shimple provides one price for your whole order upfront. No more paperwork, multiple payments, uncertainty of fees and trying to navigate the customs system. And feel good about it, knowing you've done your part for the environment.

How Shimple Works:

  1. Once you buy equipment on the Marketplace, you will receive an invoice afterwards with your Shimple price included.
  2. Pay for your order using the instructions that come with your invoice.
  3. Your shipment will come to you — wherever you are.

Take the hassle out of shipping. Rely on our knowledge of the most efficient and environmentally-friendly transportation modes locally and internationally. Tap into our customs know-how.

Just Shimple it!

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